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Front Hub Grease Cup(Dust Cap)

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  • Front Hub Grease Cup(Dust Cap)

    We were working on a friends 1931 indented firewall S/W Town Sedan the other day. We redid his front brakes and put everything back together. He has the press on Grease Cup A-1138 to protect the bearings. When he put his wheel back on the cup has pushed the hubcap out on the wheel! Have any of you seen this happen before and what possible things need to be corrected or looked at?


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    I know that to install the dust cap the washer usually needs to be turned down to a slightly smaller diameter. I haven't heard of the dust cap hitting the hub cap. I'd just leave it stock with no dust cap, as the wheel protects it quite well.


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    My late31 tudor has the grease caps on and no problems with 19 inch wheels with repoped wheel caps, may be my grease caps are from something later? Not all wheel caps are correct ( I have read) some are flater.


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      Were the grease caps "seated"??
      Paul in CT


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        I have had no problem with the grease/dust caps. I did notice that when putting my brakes back together that the caps have a strange stamping on them. Turns out that the marking is actually an H with an i superimposed on it, as in International Harvester. Maybe all caps of that era were interchangeable?
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