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    I offered the Harley for the '31 sport coupe.both are obvious projects,Ill never do the Harley cause I don't ride anymore (love to ride,hate falling off) The sport coupe would fit the chassis I'm building and would allow me to keep my 29 sport coupe complete,basically it gives me two cars,which I need like a hole in the head.Marrying that 31 body to my frame builds value however,and I'm not against that,no sir..Don't think this guy is a model a type,he said the spare engine is a "200.5 cu in engine"..there is a Harley in the last picture so I think he's a biker who fell into this...anyway,he wants 3700 for the car,the Hog is worth about that....what do you think?..intersting sub fact...they only built 19,000 '31 sport coupes...not ultra rare,but not alot of them..
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    I'd sell off the bike for the Model A.
    Of course I'm a bit partial, as I've never been a big fan of Harleys, except the very early ones.


    • CM2
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      I had a '41 Army Scout...loved that Indian,just cant ride anymore,don't bounce like i used to..

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    Model A engine is a 200.5 ci Sell the Harley. I put a Harley 45 engine in my 51 Cushman Eagle, when I was a kid. It would be nice if you could keep the 31 a 31 by using the right frame.


    • CM2
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      thats was a fun Cushman huh...I know they are 200 cube,just nobody in the game says that,you know what i mean? its like saying it has a 'manual transmission'..

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    Is there anything wrong with the chassis on the 31? An even up trade would be nice
    What is the deal on the other motor
    4~ Tudor's
    1~ Coupe

    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


    • CM2
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      Haven't seen it in person,the frame under the '31 and the two engines are gravy..and whatever else comes with it...even up is the only way,I wont sweeten the deal.

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    Make the swap!
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      Model A is my vote also


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        I agree to keep the correct 31 frame with the car.
        Things always work best and keep better value when correct parts are used together.
        If you wind up with a good spare frame, then it can be sold or traded for needed parts.


        • CM2
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          that's one of the 'problems' the parts pile is growing exponentially,the wife is beginning to notice,if you know what i mean..

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        I would trade for it.


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          Well the bait is set,we'll see if the fish bites.. where on LI Will? grew up in Islip/Bayshore


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            Tell him you want the 66 sign and extension ladder to boot !!
            Model A's and of course the famous AA's


            • Mitch
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              HeHe: Pat

            • CM2
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              You got that right,once I lay eyes on the sport coupe the sweetener goes both ways..and hey I aint proud,you can tempt me with just about anything..

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            CM - East Northport, not to far from where you were.


            • CM2
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              where I was brother been in CA for 35 plus years...

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            Buy it if need be, like you say not many 31's. Nice looking Harley.
            Paul in CT


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              Over the years Craigslist has been very good to me,my current project benefited from a 1500 dollar investment yielding 5 to 7 k worth of value. That being said the flake factor is so high I don't really get excited over a deal like this,if it comes in great,if it doesn't no problem.Its like the show '48 hours' if communication doesn't continue in the first 48 the deal is as good as passed 48 last night,Ill let my offer sit and watch it,but the odds currently are way down,80-20 against..


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