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  • I need an online mentor

    I'm new to the A and often have questions. I've been asking Mitch but the man's got a business to run. So I need someone whose online pretty often, has a fair bit on A experience, and would be willing to help out even when the question is a dumb one. I'd prefer to use email so everyone else remains in the dark about those dumb questions. Any takers?

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    My advice would be to consider all of us mentors and ask questions on the general Model A forum. That of course is what it is there for. That way you could get a variety of answers and options. All of us have different experiences and vantage points. Rod
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      Mickey, since all of us here have had a wide variety of experiences, the knowledge base here is second to none. We all are here to mentor and advise. Personally, if I have had no experience to draw from on a specific topic or problem, you will notice I don't give advice on that situation. All of my information posted is because I have been there, and found a fix for it, not because I have had worthless desk time scanning the web in hopes of finding a solution.

      Post your question in the open forum. You will get sound advice and solutions to your problems based on personal experience.

      There are no stupid questions.
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        Mickey if you are new to this then there are no dumb questions there are a lot of knowledgeable folks here do not be timid you are on the forum with manners.


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          I would strongly recommend keeping it on the open forum because in addition to what was said above, there will be others who will be learning as you learn , also. Actually, we are all learning all our lives.

          The forum is relatively new, and there will be many more that will follow in your footsteps, and have a lot of the same questions. The search feature here is second to none and stuff that is put out there publicly is easily searched by any newcomers.

          That is the whole concept of a forum, everyone helping everyone else


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            You guys all banged the nail on the head. And to add, some of the veteran type guys will learn something from the responses. Like Dave said we're always learning, i know i am.
            Lots of different ways to get a task done

            Mickey brought his truck to my shop a few weeks ago to evaluate the mechanical's. He is a great guy and likes to get things done correctly the first time. He feels lucky to have found this forum, but we are all lucky to have him here. It's a win / win.
            As you can see from many of his posts he does really nice work

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              Count me in with the others. This is unlike other places out there, every one of us believes that when it comes to the A there are no dumb questions. Think of it as having many mentors instead of just one.

              With that said, how may we help you?


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                You REALLY believe there's NO DUMB questions? There's also some REALLY DUMB answers, at times!


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                  Mickey, these guys helped me and I didn't know righty tighty, lefty loosey. I had zero, I MEAN zero car mechanic knowledge. Let alone Model A. (I do my oil and brakes on modern truck) I now have a driving and running correctly piece of history. Is it perfect? Far from it but with help from these great folks "I" built it from the floor up. Every castle nut has been touched by me. I have asked all the dumb me and you will get the answer and maybe if you are lucky a little ribbing. HAHAHAHA


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                    Originally posted by Mickey View Post
                    I'm new to the A and often have questions. I've been asking Mitch but the man's got a business to run. So I need someone whose online pretty often, has a fair bit on A experience, and would be willing to help out even when the question is a dumb one. I'd prefer to use email so everyone else remains in the dark about those dumb questions. Any takers?
                    Really wish people wouldn't hide their questions and the answers. Many of us learn by other peoples questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question if YOU don't know the answer.
                    Life is what happens on the way to what you planned


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                      You guys are making me wish I hadn't posted the question. I wasn't trying to hide anything but rather develop a personal working relation with a couple folks.
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                      • Beauford
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                        Their taken...I have them on speed dial. LOL

                      • BNCHIEF
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                        Nobody was trying say you are trying to hide anything Mickey they just want you to feel at home, we like to hear other peoples thoughts and opinions. Post and enjoy this forum and the fellowship.

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                      A. If some humble person is drinking coffee for breakfast, after the cup is empty, if one emails only a couple to fill it, it will probably get filled.

                      B. If one asked everybody on this Forum to fill it ........... your coffee cup will overflow for weeks, your orange juice glass will overflow, and you will be buried in pancakes, breakfast sausage, and biscuits.
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                      • BILL WILLIAMSON
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                        This place mentioned in "B", do they offer a SENIOR DISCOUNT???
                        Hungry KDad

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                      Questions = Replies = Knowledge = Content = Archives = Help for future hobbyist.
                      3 ~ Tudor's
                      Henry Ford said
                      "It's all nuts and bolts"

                      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                        The oil filter thread is a perfect example of why you should post them I learned a lot from that thread. Plus you are in an area to get Mitch hands on I envy you for that.


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                          Questions, we love questions.
                          Paul in CT


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                            And your ‘dumb’ question is the same one that 10 others also want or need answered, or didn’t even think of yet. The guys on here who have the answer also had the same question at some point. So go ahead and ask!


                            • BNCHIEF
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                              Great point.

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