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Late '31 CCPU "steel bed" no more.

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  • Late '31 CCPU "steel bed" no more.

    Sorry to all you "original only" buffs but I really like the wood bed that Henry put in most of his early trucks.This one is 99% finished and just waiting for a new paint job. Was a pretty easy conversion just needed a bit of planning. It's a driver so no points lost. Also no serious changes made so would be pretty easy to return to original.
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    Hey Mickey, that looks GREAT!!
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      You did great ! I thought I was in the for sale part, of VFF, for awhile and was looking for a price.
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        You can always build it with the original steel bed, then protect it with a nice wood layer.


        • Mickey
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          Thanks Tom. I thought about that but the old steel bed was in pretty bad shape. If I'd stayed with steel the old bed had to go anyway.

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        Chief brushed Body Color on his WOOD, wiped it so the color was just in the Grain & Cleared it. It looked SO SPIFFY!
        Chiefs' Paintershelper


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          Nice work Mickey, it looks really great
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            Wonder why Ford didn't use wood?
            Looking good :-)


            • Mickey
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              Really good question. Many truck builders used woods for many years after this. I rebuilt a 1950 GMC pickup that had a wood bed.

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            Thats a tidy looking job, is the wood from a kit or did you have it fabricated?


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