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Pulling front engine mount. Question

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  • Pulling front engine mount. Question

    Can I pull the front engine mount off to replace the mount springs without removing the crackshaft pully. In other words can I get it under the pully for removal?

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    Yes,, but remove the rear mount bolts first, one on each side. Then loosen the other two so the assembly pivots when u lift the front of the motor up. This prevents cracking the flywheel housing
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      And engine splash pans :-) if installed!


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        Those "Honeycomb" front springs that are tied together, work well, if you take out the rubber plugs inside them. With the plugs, they're TOO STIFF!
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      Thanks all. I'll get it done first thing tomorrow.


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        Mickey, as long as you are pulling the floorboard to pull one rear motor mount bolt, pull the other one too, it won't hurt a thing and will make sure you don't bind anything back there or at the clam shell.
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        • Mickey
          Mickey commented
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          If I do that won't it fall out on the floor?

        • DaWizard
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          Oh, not at all, There are 2 distinct lips on the flywheel housing that stops that from happening.

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