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Leaky Gas Shutoff Repair

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  • Leaky Gas Shutoff Repair

    Is it possible to fix a leaky under tank shutoff while it is still in the car? I tried to remove mine, but it feels like it will take the threads with it if I remove it. Carb is leaking from time to time even after running the car out of gas by shutting off the valve.

    My other option is to put an after market valve in the fuel line inside the engine compartment. If I end up doing this, does this look like an ok option?

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    rebuilt my original 3 times before going modern.wife could not go into garage with even a few drops leaking. do a search on a dirty leg valve for model A


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      Here is a link to Vince's Ford Garage informational site of the dirty leg FYI. The leg is for real bad tanks so this may not be for you.

      Many folks have used an aftermarket valve like you showed in the link, so If you don't mind the look of it go for it. That being said it is important to use the screen that goes on top of the original style valve to stop the junk, and even if it is there i recommend replacing it with a new one. I would seriously consider trying to get the old valve out. you may also have an issue with the carburetor float valve not sealing. If your running a glass fuel bowl i would use the filter that goes inside of it as another preventative.
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      • Mitch
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        i have used the replacement tank valve from the suppliers along with the viton tip float valve. this combo has always worked for me

        Tom also gives great advice below

      • Mitch
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        If you look into the suppliers catalogues they sell a similar valve as you shown

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      Both the tank valve and carb needle and seat leaked on my 29 Tudor when I bought it. I lapped them both with toothpaste, and both are still holding perfectly. My tank valve was also very tight, but it finally came out. The secret is to be sure you don't put side pressure on the valve while trying to remove it. Try to use two wrenches 180* apart, so all the twisting torque is straight up on the valve, and not sideways, which would be more likely to snap the threads off.


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        Your post gave me the idea to write up the fuel filtering thread i posted in the tech forum.
        Thank You
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        Henry Ford said
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

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          Thanks for the info guys. I plan on cleaning out the ol' float valve, but know I'm going to need to do something about that shutoff too.


          • Big hammer
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            I lapped my gas valve using valve lapping compound, used a slow turning cordless drill. When two parts stick together and hard to get apart you have a good seal. You can see you progress like lapping engine valves, clean well with carb cleaner and lub with grease. Mine gas valve turn freely and shuts off 100% now!

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          It is more than likely wore out within to remove the tapered part.

          Is there a secret that I am unaware of?


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