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    Where do I buy a quality clutch disc ? Looked on Ebay, Snyders, Berts, Brattons, and possibly decided on Brattons SKU 11400. Possible leads on a place to buy a quality, sure fire, head ache free disc ? Thanks, Pat
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's

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    The 11400 you listed is a good one as it as the metal retainers to hold in the springs. I am sure most of the good vendors like berts, and such also carry that style.
    You know what to look for now so go for it

    Is this part of your Fathers day gift from your wife?:
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      Maybe I'll tell here next Fathers Day !! She says I'm not her Father, but she did help finance a good portion of the AA. Pat gets afraid and needs a good dog to talk too, but VFF will have too do till then ;)

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    I know for a fact that Bert's has the correct one; have bought 2 there. The Bratton one looked OK on-line.
    If a vendor sells you a junk one, send it back


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      Ask the vendor before ordering, so you don't waste money on postage.


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        EVEYBODY needs a DOG, to discuss things with!
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          Originally posted by pAAt View Post
          Where do I buy a quality clutch disc ? Looked on Ebay, Snyders, Berts, Brattons, and possibly decided on Brattons SKU 11400. Possible leads on a place to buy a quality, sure fire, head ache free disc ? Thanks, Pat
          The style shown on the left has a little angled flange around the spring on both sides of the disc, which gives an assurance that the spring cannot come out.

          Many discs have been made successfully without it over the years, but there have been a lot of internet comments on failure of the current generation of made in India discs without the flange.


          • pAAt
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            Vince, I have the one on the left in route, to my house, as we speak (plus 250 in misc. parts and the madness has begun). I think I'm going over to Fred's house today (previous owner of my truck) and chit chat for awhile.  I'm trying to get the history of the truck and Fred himself. Also a good day to search for parts and meet Great Americans in my community. Tomorrow shopping with the wife and getting title work done on my AA.  Vince, where is Motor City and when can I come chit chat ?  I have 3-20's burning a hole in my pocket, but can't afford the shipping !!  Pat

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          Fort Wayne Clutch
          by Jeff/Illinois
          I notice in their parts pic they don't show a clutch disc with caged springs.

          FW Clutch is one if not THE best suppliers for clutch applications. I just thought this was odd.

          Bert's does show them..............
          02-05-2018, 06:49 PM
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          10 inch clutch disc on Mode; A Clutch
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          Just purchased a 1930 Model A with a 1980 Jeep engine and 1939 transmission from what I was told. It may have an adapter between bell housing and transmission. When you put the clutch in, you can change gears, but the vehicle doesn't move. The previous owner said it just went out as she had other potential buyers test driving the vehicle. The clutch pedal is kind of soft.
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          I need a Clutch Disc for the F150 Transmission Input Shaft. Need 9"dia, 10 teeth spline and 1 1/6" shaft to install with a Model A Clutch and Throw Out Bearing on Model A Flywheel.
          The hole for the Torsion Spring hub on the Model A Pressure Plate is 5" dia.
          Folks say use 86 TBird 2.3L 4cyl Turbo, but that hub is about 5 3/4" dia. Have learned that are using the...
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          Multi Plate Clutch Info!
          by 2manycars
          The inside of the flywheel is the most critical part. If the internal splines are worn to where they have divots from the teeth on the clutch pack rattleing, the clutch will not release well. Also, that flywheel looks from the photo to be the early flywheel with out the releaf for the starter drive, so an early starter would be necessary. The transmission gears look good, so that is a plus, and the...
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        • pAAt
          early 28 multi disc clutch package
          by pAAt
          I have the chance to buy this setup and it would have been originally in my truck. Question is, would this be as reliable of a clutch as the newer single disc ? Thanks, Pat...
          You do not have permission to view this gallery.
          This gallery has 3 photos.
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          clutch adjustment.
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          I have a 29 , all stock but 12 volt conversion. have just completed a 500 kilometre road test, back a year or so ago while assembling this project when it came to clutch I replaced disc and bearing . I made a finger adjustment tool as per Toms specs. everything operates smooth , no slippage . My issue is , seems like clutch pedal is off floor almost 1/2 to 3/4 of its travel to engage . by depressing...
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        • 40B1930
          Clutch Chatter Diagnosis
          by 40B1930
          After 60 miles of shake-down drives, I am hearing clutch disc chatter with the trans. in nuetral. When I press the clutch pedal in to the point where the slack is taken up the chatter stops. After driving the car for a few miles the chatter is gone (maybe the grease on the new throw-our bearing thins after warming)?
          1. All parts are new
          2. Clutch disc was centered
          3. Pressure plate...
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          Stuck Clutch
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          My car is now in Venice Florida since last summer. I last drove it in September and had a pretty bad leaking water pump. So I repaired that and just went to go for a ride. Started up like a champ, but the clutch is stuck and pushing in the pedal does nothing. I am right on the gulf and in a garage that is not dehumidified so I suspect it is corrosion causing this.

          I seem to have heard...
          02-19-2018, 04:37 PM
        • Mitch
          Two day poll
          by Mitch
          Which supplier do you buy the majority of your Model A parts from.
          I need this information for a project that I am working on.
          Your votes are private.
          Mikes Affordable
          08-23-2017, 09:36 AM