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3/16 radius vs 1/4 radius original mirors

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  • 3/16 radius vs 1/4 radius original mirors


    If any of you have any original 3/16 and/or 1/4 radius mirrors lying around, in a safe place hopefully, I need some more pictures.

    Trying to get the right shot of each...reflective side up.

    Would prefer butting the two types against each other would be a good photo shot.



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    how tight?
    07-26-2021, 01:15 PM
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    I have discovered something I haven't seen before. I was going through the 3 or 4 pairs of rear radius rods to pick the ones to use on my phaeton's rearend and noticed something I haven't noticed before. The brackets for the brake rod springs are different for some of them. The most common ones are the ones in the third picture - maybe 29 radius rods?? The brackets that are sandblasted are from a...
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    Tomorrow morning I plan to drop the radius ball down from its mounting under the flywheel housing...just enough to get an accurate measurement. Its my first time at this. I have the car supported under the frame just behind the motor mounts. The big jack is still under the front axle, but I lowered it some. The radius rod is supported by a 2x6 20" long and a small 1 ton jack. See the pics....
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    I am installing a Toyota pickup differential in my 29 Business Coupe.I have to change the 1941 radius rods that I am going to use. Question, do I pie cut them or heat and bend them. I would like your opinions.
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    I have a worn radius ball and after market rubber ball with the cast lower coupler. I can buy a replacement rubber ball or purchase a washer made to fit on the top of ball, to take up slop, and use original couplers. They make a ball replacement, but not for the early 28's from what I've seen. Can early 28 balls be welded and ground ? How about a good farmer fix, like welding the washer on the top...
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    Radius Arm Ball
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    Is there any disadvantage to the rubber ball radius rod conversion? I understand Ford adopted this rubber ball design in later models, and thus it would appear to be an improvement to the original metal on metal design.
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    Going down the road feeling good , Put on brakes and DEATH WOBBLE..Got home and inspected. Some one had installed a v8 ball and cap plus springs.Ordered a new set for the 30 coupe and all is well. Radius ball was perfect size of 1 and 1/2 inch Also had a crunched rubber ball in there that was gone RAY
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    While I have my motor out, I’m trying to cast my eye over the undercarriage to see what else needs doing. The 3rd photo shows my radius ball assembly that appears to have a bulge like a slipped disc! What is that? The exploded diagram from Les Andrews book doesn’t show anything like it, but looking on Mike's Afordable website, I found “radius rod ball felt” which it says goes inside the...
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