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Roadster pickup Door handle install...

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  • Roadster pickup Door handle install...

    The inside handles are straight forward but the outside ones are a bit of a mystery. Brookville says...Insert special punch through handle hole in latch and mark outer skin for location...use punch and die on out side skin...where would these two pieces marry? I have zero idea where I would punch through. Also, what are the two holes in the 3rd pic for and there is another hole on top of door where it opens. I have no clue...
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    Hey Beauford, those 2 holes on the outside are for side curtains.

    You have a Roadster Pickup, you DON'T need outside door handles, DO NOT drill any more holes in those pretty doors. Just reach inside and use that handle to get in and out.

    You can't lock up a ragtop!!
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


    • Beauford
      Beauford commented
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      That saves me some time...LOL

    • Mitch
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      call brookville and get more detailed instructions from the tech dept.

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    They sent me a email....I'm a visual learner. At least draw me some stick figures. I'm trying to find pics of Model A bodies mounted on the blocks. I never had a model a so not sure other than the welt, rubber, block, cab, bolt...I have one of the diagrams but I like real photos. To show you how much I know I just discovered I need blocks for the hood....Mitch, how much a hour to come down and put this together for me. LOL I got the muscle.


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      No vendor is currently supplying the door handle with the shaft modified as shown in the attached.

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      OK rant over
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