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  • Here's one for da books

    As some of you know, I have been rebuilding Zenith carburetors for club members and making up a club emergency parts stash. Well, for a week now, I have had a Zenith that has been giving me fits with all the dimensions correct, install it and it leaks like a sieve. There was nothing I did that would make the float close the valve.

    Today the car came back to me with the club back-up carb and a new float, and valve for it. So, I set up the newest parts, install it, it leaked! Charlie suggested changing the parts out with a spare lower I have, so swapped parts, installed the bowl, DRY!

    Ok, so I take a look at the original one, seems to be the same, except there is a pronounced lip along the casting seam inside the bowl. So, I get out the dremel and remove a bit of bowl interior, replace the working parts, reinstall on the car, NO LEAKS!

    So, IF you have a leak you can't figure, try removing enough interior metal to allow the float to move freely up and down to close off the supply of fuel.
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    Did it have a replacement float? I know Renner's Corner do not have floats for a B carburetor because the replacements recently did not fit.


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      Dennis, I tried 3 different floats, 2 originals, 1 aftermarket.

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    Wow that's weird.. Thanks for the tip

    I wonder if it was an 80 year old defect
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      Mitch, I am thinking it was since there was no rust or buildup of any kind in the bowl, just the casting seam.

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