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  • Gas Tank?

    I am sitting here looking at what information I have been able to gather about my particular '28 Tudor and it occurred to me that there is a birthday coming up next month for "The Beast". Which got me to thinking about which day this happy occasion should be observed.

    See, the trouble is, from the information I have been able to gather, the stamped number on the block says, according to engine production docs, the engine was in the lot stamped on July 11, 1928. So one should mark this date as the birthday.

    But, the tank was stamped 7 20 28, which in my thinking, says this should be the date of celebration.

    Now, all this got me to wondering, since the body was assembled in Chicago and not Rouge, and we know the only motor plant was Rouge, where were they assembling and testing the tanks? Was it someplace other than Rouge, and the motor was shipped to Chicago and it sat around waiting, obviously, for a tank to make an assembly?

    Do we have any definitive information on tank assembly and testing, or only more speculation?

    I know that there was a significant wait time for parts to come together to make an actual car, which could make the assembly and finish date sometime into the month of August, but all my searching has shown me that as it was an "as soon as possible" assembly since folk were waiting in line to get their first Model A back then, and since the motor was probably sitting in Chicago waiting for the body, I am thinking as soon as the finished body showed up, it became a car.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.
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    Yeah this had my curiosity beyond reason recently on my early 29 Tudor. It's too bad more records cant be had from Ford but it is what it is. We are fortunate to have what we got. Lucky for me I found a body number stamped inside. My original engine and frame match and are 1-3-1929, the gas tank date is 1-21-29, and the body is 3061 2 29. I am assuming the last numbers, 2 29, were a month and year manufactured and the first four numbers were a sequence number beginning with the first Model A Tudor built at the final assembly plant up to mine. With the location and series of body numbers from resources, my Tudor was most likely assembled in Los Angeles.

    Answer to your first question tanks... I have been told tanks were built in Rouge at the time yours and mine were built.

    I thought I had read on Ford Garage and other resources, the Tudor was built by Ford? and Budd had something to do with it?? Wherever they were mated, tank and body, mine was painted after the tank and body were bolted together. My body had never been lifted from the frame until last weekend and the tank had never been separated looking at the original paint. I also read the tank was stamped when it passed inspection.

    The body was stamped before it was painted obviously after finding my body numbers with a rag and lacquer to remove some paint.

    Have you located the body stamp numbers?


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      Dennis, I have, but Chi 6474 doesn't tell much except it was final assembled in Chicago.

    • Dennis
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      I emailed Dave Sturges of MARC about this recently. I was told the only two plants that affixed the month and year to their plant codes are Louisville and Los Angeles/Long Beach.

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    DaWizard, Who says you can only have one party? Sounds to me like you have an excuse that is good for a while. [IMG]https://www.********.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]
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      A month long party? I'm in

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      Does sound like a great idea.

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