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Weight of a 31 Deluxe Roadster with 1 spare?

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  • Weight of a 31 Deluxe Roadster with 1 spare?

    The red book has the weight listed as 2,150 lbs. But it doesn't say if it had 1 or 2 spares, or trunk.

    Do you know if that is gross or net weight?

    Has anyone ever put a Deluxe Roadster on a scale and actually weighed it?

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    What size tires & wheels???--That would come in to play!:rolling
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      This is the best i can do!

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        It's a little more that one without a spare, and a little less than one with 2 spares. (give or take 40#)
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          OK, so that pretty much answers the question.

          2,155 plus water 25lbs, and gas 69lbs, trunk 40lbs, for a total of 2,289.

          I will also weigh all the junk in the trunk and under the seat.

          Thanks I needed that for towing.


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