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  • what is this?

    Found this in my barn, not sure what year or even if it's a Ford. HELP!
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    Reckon its a special coupe..28/29..or a regular coupe somebody was whittling on..


      BILL WILLIAMSON commented
      Editing a comment
      It's for SURE a '29 Special Coupe, with some wood parts removed. The rear area was almost ENTIRELY built of WOOD. These bodies are QUITE RARE!
      Moldings around the bottom of Vinyl top covering, are virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find. One Guy cut off the entire roof & welded in one from a '29 Standard Coupe, which is virtually ALL STEEL. BUT, then, it is no longer a "SPECIAL COUPE"---It just became a PLAIN Old Standard Coupe, like Vermin.
      Bill W.
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    I agree. Rod
    "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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      Nice find, How long has it been hiding?

      3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"
      "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

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        Originally posted by CM2 View Post
        Reckon its a special coupe..28/29..or a regular coupe somebody was whittling on..
        that lower nailer band and cover are truly unobtainium,it fits sport coupes as neighbor has a '28 special coupe..


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          Don't mess with that molding if you can avoid it. They are very delicate, come in two pieces, are nearly impossible to remove without damage unless you have divine intervention, and you may be old and gray before you ever find another usable set.


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            Agree it is a Special Coupe body. The groove behind the quarter window takes a molding that is unique to the Special Coupes. The belt rail molding was used on the 1928/9 Sport, Business and Special Coupe bodies. You are more likely to locate a belt rail molding than the quarter window molding pieces. Tony Raffin was reproducing the belt moldings a while ago but is no longer doing them. Some guys are using extruded aluminum for the belt rail molding.
            Is there a number stamped into the top of the front body cross member?


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              What year is this and is it Ford? It's not a 1935 or 36, off a different manufacturer?
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              10-10-2018, 06:45 PM