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  • Vibration....

    Recently starting my RPU the damn things shakes. Every weekend I would adjust something here and there and nothing would help. I was looking on this forum and read all the typical things to look for, flywheel house dialed in, timing, carb....then I came across the front engine mount. I have a early '28 frame with the solid front cross member engine mount. Well, seems drivers side mounting bolt was not tight...I tend to try to do too much with little time and probably never tightened it. Ole Rusty runs smooth now.

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    Beauford, I have a solid mount frame I might use someday. Do you use loctite on those threads ? I would think they might have a tendency to loosen with engine movement (IMO only). Glad to hear you got it settled down and a very good night too you !! Pat
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      I've had my 28 since 1999 and the bolts on the front solid mount stay tight with no Loctite.


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        Beauford, is this new job taking you away from this forum and friends ? Are they Chevy guys ? Need your input dude, screw those others silently. Your friend, Mn. Pat
        Model A's and of course the famous AA's


        • Beauford
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          HAHAHAHA pAAt....the new sales job is keeping me driving all over VA. Trust me...I lurk when I can.

        • Beauford
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          Not sure of input from me. I'm kinda hit or miss but I have touched everything on this truck except the rear end which needed no service thank god!!

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        SHAKIN' is NO big deal, all Model As know how to "SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL":rolling
        '50s Dad


        • Beauford
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          Bill, it was rattling my twig and berries!!

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        AHH here is where you found the info
        Here are a couple pictures showing my 1928 solid front motor mount. Notice the pulley shown is an aftermarket stamped steel pulley, and not an original cast
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        Hey Bill, you awake yet?

        I am wondering, yesterday I installed the FaM from Bratton's, the ductile steel one, and noticed that the far rear mount has an barely interference fit to the cross member.

        Dig into your FaM memory and tell me about how much weight, if any, should be on the cross member?

        I have the ability to make a spacer thick enough to make the friction
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        it sounds like a sheet metal rattle or like a loose nut and is NOT outside of the motor. You can hear it when you blip the throttle from an idle also at one rpm range, about 35 mph in 3rd. It seems to be coming from the front of the engine, either in the pan or possibly in the valve camber. It’s a one price crank pulley and tight.I’ve put my hand on the pan, but don’t feel anything....
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