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Two Model A's found in a garage. no pictures

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    Two Model A's found in a garage. no pictures

    Years a go a friend came to me and said he found a 2 door Model A that he wanted. But there was a 1930 four door there also. He said the guy would only sell both. So I got the four door, he got the tudor. The problem was we had to take the wall down on the lean too that was attached to the garage, to get his tudor out. Then the guy made us put it back up after we got the car out. He did not help. This was in Alpena Mich. He lived down state as we use to say.

    That was one of the top 3 A's in condition that I ever restored. But I sold it, Im just not a 4 door guy.

    A similar thing happen to me when I was a kid. My father found out that there were 2 model As in a garage at a local farm. We went to see them, and there was a deluxe roadster and a fordor. My father wanted the roadster but could not afford it. A guy from the club bought the fordor, and with a new battery and some gas, he drove it home. Back then they were still available in running condition.
    On another occasion, one of the guys in the club found a 28 tudor at a used car lot, parked under a tree. He bought it after some negociations, but was annoyed it cost him $115. He said a model A should be able to be bought for $100. He drove it to our house where we changed carburetors, as his was leaving a stream of gas as he drove. Then my father drove his 49 chevy wagon, and I rode with the guy in the tudor to his house. As we crossed the Arigoni bridge over the Connecticut river, the roof blew off. Further over the bridge and I could see the muffler clamp bolt glowing red through the hole in the floorboard. Just then it let go and the muffler system fell to the ground. He gave me a pair of gloves and told me to retrieve the muffler, and I hung it over the headlamp bar and down the fender. The rest of the ride to his house was rather loud. We had fun back then.

    Eastern Connecticut


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      yes we did have back then. Them were the good days.

    • Mitch
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      Great story’s.

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      Ed ( VFF night foreman ) and I will talk about old people when you guys go to bed !!