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Accessory parts for a Tudor?

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  • Accessory parts for a Tudor?

    Anybody have some of these? I don't think the vintique rubber strips will fit worth a s**t. Any substitute for them?
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    Some of these What?


    • EarlyBert
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      Oh, Now I look like a dope cuz I asked before the picture showed up.

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    Vintique is not known for quality. Try Snyder's, Bratton's, Bert's.


    • Dennis
      Dennis commented
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      If you order the seal or rubber for these from any of the vendors they come in a Vintique bag.

    • Ray Horton
      Ray Horton commented
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      Jeez. That's ... terriblle. Did you order from all those guys? And they were all Vintique? I would have some conversations with them if that was the case.
      Last edited by Ray Horton; 12-07-2017, 10:19 PM.

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    You can just buy the rubbers if your original metal pieces are good.. I used the whole replacement assy and it worked out ok
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      I bought some of the aluminum repos a year ago and they don't fit. Too bulky. They sent the rubber strips with them and they are too bulky also. I'm looking at the rubber strips in the aluminum pieces and they might work.


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