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1928 Sport Coupe after picture

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  • 1928 Sport Coupe after picture

    Darlington SC track 017.JPG

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    I lost the before picture, but it was a solid car that I first saw in 1960. A friend had it in northern much. He never got it done. I got it from his widow in 2000 then finshed it that year. We drove it 26,000 miles with no trouble. It was a real nice car one of my best. The funny thing is it had 1/8 frame sag on the passer side of the car by the rear motor mount. It was good on the driver side. It had the engine it was born with. I used every original part that I could. Which was most of the parts. No rust on this car. It was a easy one.

    I think this is the last picture I have of the Model A's that I done. The rest were lost in a computer crash.
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      What causes frame sag?


      • DaWizard
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        Mostly age and abuse. Think about all the years the cars were driven on non-paved roads and seriously abused, and the major pressure point is the rear motor mount. This is the weak spot because of the thrust against it to propel the car, and with the majority of the engine weight on it, that is where it sags.

      • George Miller
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        To add to DaWizard said which I agree. Most of the time it is the driver side. I think he was driving alone to work all the time on those washed out roads. I'm thinking maybe this Guys wife was kind of heavy, and she went along a lot. But maybe he just hit a real bad spot in the road on that side.

      • George Miller
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        Also most model A's have frame sag or had it. I have seen a lot of so called resorted A's that have frame sag. You can tell by how the hood fits.

      • Sunnybrook Farm
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        I guess that once one sags there will be a weak spot, even if put back right it may sag again. The hope would be that modern roads are usually smooth I guess. My off road tudor may sag everywhere as I run it over some rough roads probably like what some were like in the old days.

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      So here are the major issues, if in fact they are major issues at all:

      All measurements taken in a crossways...
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