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  • Who Was Waiting for an EVR?

    I had a few emails from guys waiting for me to make more EVR's. Our summers are so short in Minnesota that I try to make enough of these during the winter to last through the summer. This year they sold out early, so twice I had to make more. I just finished 9 of them for the common long generator. Later I want to put together some pictures of the EVR's and end plates for the different generators found on Model A's. I have to make 4 different EVR's to cover the 4 styles.

    I'll search back through my PM's and emails to find the ones that asked about them, but if I miss someone, I hope they see this message.

    EVR Autolite Style.JPG

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    While I never sent you a PM I do hope to purchase one for a long generator and one for a 3 brush Powerhouse. Then depending on some factors possibly 2 for 5 brush Powerhouse generators. Right now working on getting some more stuff lised on ebay to sell as I have more parts than garage to put them in. No room to even work at this point. Rod
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      Tom I would like to buy one for a long Autolite generator, this one will be for the spare I bought from Jeff at Bratton's circa fall 1930. Thanks I'll send you a PM

      Jeff C.


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        I'll take 4 or 5 for the long style genny, but no rush take care of the others first. Or maybe one every so often
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          I am still waiting for a coil tester.

          Eastern Connecticut


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            Tom, how many amps will those handle? Are they for 6 volt or do you make them for 12 volt also?


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              Originally posted by Dennis View Post
              Tom, how many amps will those handle? Are they for 6 volt or do you make them for 12 volt also?
              I only make them for 6 volt positive ground Model A generators, but I did a special one for a 1929 Stutz with negative ground, and I made 3 special ones for old tractors with 6 volt positive ground. These are NOT in the output circuit, so the generator output isn't related to the rating of the EVR. These control the voltage feeding the field windings, and the long Autolite style generator field windings have 1 1/2 ohms, so they draw 4 amps at full field of 6 volts. Almost always the voltage is only about 1 to 2 volts to feed the field windings. The long style is rated for maximum of 12 amps continuous output, while the powerhouse is rated for 15 amps, and either one is plenty to run the lights, horn and coil.

              BTW, the powerhouse generators have more field windings, so it takes less amps to full field them. They only draw 1 1/2 amps for the 5 brush, and 2 amps for the 3 brush to full field them at 6 volts.


              • Dennis
                Dennis commented
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                Lucky is he who can find or has a 5 brush powerhouse. Nothing is permanent on my car, no holes drilled anywhere and it can always be converted back to complete original. Opps forgot about the rear subframe that can be plugged.

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              Hi Tom,

              We had exchanged some messages earlier in the year about the EVR, and the generator in general, over on the "other site". Other than the EVR being out of stock at the time, I don't recall how it was left. I am interested in one.


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                Tom it looks like you have plenty of winter work
                3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
                Henry Ford said,
                "It's all nuts and bolts"
                "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

                Mitch's Auto Service ctr


                • Jeff/Illinois
                  Jeff/Illinois commented
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                  I just hope for Tom's sake, that Minnesota doesn't get dumped on this winter like they did LAST winter,,,, but then again, as long as Illinois is spared!!!! And if they get another brutal winter, the hobby will be rewarded with more of Tom's EVR's!!

                  Took a 6 year old 6V battery from Farm King out of the '36 Pickup the other day that we are running Tom's EVR on in the original generator (6V POS ground just like the Model A) and that bad boy shows it is still A-OK on a load tester, still bright and fresh. In the old days if I could squeek out 3 or MAYBE 4 years I was doing good. EVR definitely helps out does a great job. I like running the generator an alternator just looks weird......................

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                Tom, I've saved enough for the windshield frame now, I will start to save for an EVR for my power house tomorrow ! Pat
                Model A's and of course the famous AA's


                • Mitch
                  Mitch commented
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                  I have been running his EVR's for years.. You won't be disappointed ,, keep saving

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