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My second Model A in 1970 Northern Mich at my Farm

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  • My second Model A in 1970 Northern Mich at my Farm

    I can not find the Finished pictures. 554 1930 Model A 1970.jpgIt was painted Ford Maroon

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    I hope I'm not over doing this, showing all the cars.


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      Not at all we like pics... You could have also posted them to one thread... i can merge them for you if you wish... your call
      4~ Tudor's
      1~ Coupe

      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        You sure were lucky to have some real nice cars throughout the years

      • George Miller
        George Miller commented
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        That would be fine with me. I still have a couple more A's that I have pictures of.
        The rest are different names, essex, dodge, chev, vette, Ersken

      • George Miller
        George Miller commented
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        Yes I have been lucky, and my Wife goes along with it. I still have original Town sedan picture. It was original car with 85,000 miles that I painted and had the interior done by one of the best. The engine only needed a valve job. it Ended up very nice.

      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        There was to many threads to merge!

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      28 special coupe.JPG My first A I think 60 dollars at the junk yard 1960
      I had done some work new top and primer. It is a special coupe. i did not know how few there were at that time.


      • Dennis
        Dennis commented
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        $60.00 That makes me want to lay down and cry. Those deals are long gone.

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      I remember Model As in the 60s, the ones people were still driving had a neat look, lots of use I guess. Our mail carrier delivered much of the time in a black sedan of some kind. I have a 30 tudor that I have not restored as it has that look, metal top and V8 wheels.


      • CarlG
        CarlG commented
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        My Dad worked for the Post Office in Phoenix part-time in the early 60's. He would often "borrow" my '31 Fordor to do his route. Said that it was easier than his '50 Ford that he would otherwise use.

      • Jeff/Illinois
        Jeff/Illinois commented
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        Funny you mention that, the rural carrier in my town was using a '30 Tudor as a mail route car from soon after the end of the War up thru the late 50's. That is one of the hardest things you can do to a vehicle.

        He sold it to another guy in town who stored it up until the late 70's then he had the car totally restored. It is still around today. Looks great!

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      Boy George, if you moved from the Upper Peninsula to NC, your certainly exchanged one type of winter for a very different winter!


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        Yes it took a while to get use to the heat. It was always to warm at work. But now I like the heat better than the cold.
        It is Northern Mich it still is in the lower part. About a 100 miles south of the UP


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