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  • Generator Question?

    My brother came over today and asked me to show him how to move the third brush to set the charging rate. I tried to move the brush and it wouldn't move. I looked at one of my spare generators and it moved like I thought it should. I then found a screw on the end plate that had to be loosened then the brush would move. Is this a early generator or maybe not Model A?

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    Hmm, don't recall a screw....pix?


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      Not original to the Model A's.


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        The adjustable ring should be held in place by two Y spring clips, which are held in place by 2 screws.
        They don't need to be loosened to move the adjustable brush ring. The ring may be stuck from years of never being adjusted. Usually using the opening as a fulcrum for a screwdriver against the spring post on the ring will get it to move.

        Post Model A production end plates have the adjustable ring Y spring clips held in place by rivets, but the generator output is adjusted the same way.

        If you buy an electronic voltage regulator from me it's important to know which end plate you have, as the EVR for the rivet one is different than the EVR for the screw end plate. The second picture is the post Model A production with the riveted Y clips.

        Generator End Plate A.jpgGenerator Brush Plate B.jpg
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        AND, if the charging rate you're running has worked GOOD for you, for a LOOOONG time, DON'T DIDDLE with it!!!


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          Originally posted by BILL WILLIAMSON View Post
          AND, if the charging rate you're running has worked GOOD for you, for a LOOOONG time, DON'T DIDDLE with it!!!
          Bill, he was over charging, but I do agree with you about don't fix things if they are not broke!


            BILL WILLIAMSON commented
            Editing a comment
            Chief taught me to repair things RIGHT & when they're working GOOD, leave them ALONE.
            Especially on the "other site", I see Guys that can't keep their hands off their cars & are constantly WHININ' for HELP!

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