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  • wiper vacuum line

    Does anyone have a picture of the vacuum line routing on a Slant Wind shield or Victoria? I would like to see from the inside of the fire wall and up the post and across the header. The line sold by the suppliers doesn't seem right. It is 35.5 inches straight line and then a 90 degree turn and another three inches. Is this supposed to go from the firewall fitting up the piller and stop to be followed by a rubber line across the header and into the interior?

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    The first few pics i had saved were from Mark Maron

    mark maron wiper6.jpg

    mark m wiper1.jpgmark m wiper4.jpgmarm m wiper2.jpgwiperline.jpg
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      Looks like I’m gonna need more line. Thanks Mitch


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        Our sw is just like Mark's except no side jamb clips as in the drawing. The vendors supplied new steel tubing runs from the firewall up the jamb and over a small amount above the windshield. We had to splice more steel tubing (can use thin brake line ) as Art suggests over to the motor tubing using 2" long. or more hose. We wrapped a little tape around the tubing at the header clips to prevent rattles.


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