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1930 coupe electric wipersy

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  • 1930 coupe electric wipersy

    Recently purchased my first A and it has some issues one is the wipers do not work. These may be aftermarket. Any wiring diagrams for electric wipers out there?

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    My 29 Tudor's original electric wiper has a thin brass strap that folds around the rubber mounting pads, to supply the ground. This brass is sometimes cracked or missing, and then the ground is lost. Other than that, all you need to do is add a power wire from any convenient power source.


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      Thanks,that ground strap is missing. Now to add a ground and hopefully it will work.


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        Here's a picture I just pulled off the internet, which was posted by Tom Endy, I think.
        Wiper Ground.jpg


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          You can take one of the brass spark plug wire connectors and fashion the ground strap as pictured in Tom's post above.


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            Thanks for the picture Tom. Good idea on the spark plug wires Dave. I'm going to try that


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              These numbers do NOT refer to quantity in any way. Unsure if it works.
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