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    Numerous times Tom Wesenberg has posted Service Bulletins on ebay, but I'm never able to catch these in time and usually don't bid high enough to win either. Will the versions the Model A dealers sell suffice?

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    filedata/fetch?id=41502&d=1554104026&type=thumb The one you show in the link has a smaller page size than the original, and is not really complete.

    This one would be a better choice:

    It isn't printed on glossy paper like the ones that Tom W posts, but is a whole lot less expensive.
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      I don't see why not. My understanding is the the reprints have smaller pages and smaller printing

      Tom posted a Ben Staub version from eBay a while back and I grabbed it right away, glad I did.

      It will always hold its value


      • Dennis
        Dennis commented
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        Was it a buy it now? I probably bid on it and you beat me. Oh well glad someone here got it.

      • tbirdtbird
        tbirdtbird commented
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        dunno. he posted availability of it on two diff occasions. I got the one from 6 months ago

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      Agree the yellow book in post #1 is to small.. The green book that Carl posted is the next best thing if you don't buy the Ben Staub.
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        I took the green book and Un bound it, three hole punched it, put it in a three ring binder. I use it in the shop and keep the staub version in the house


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          Thanks everybody, I'm going to order the green book.


          • CarlG
            CarlG commented
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            Wise choice.

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          Is the yellow hard bound version a complete compilation?


          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            I never checked page by page, but i believe it is

          • CarlG
            CarlG commented
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            I haven't checked it page by page either, but I've been told there are several pages that were considered "non essential" that are indeed missing. I do have both the yellow and the green books, so if things ever get really boring . . .

            Having said that, the print in the yellow book is so small that it might as well not be there for these old eyes.

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          After one of Ben Staub's books sold for almost $200, there were all of a sudden several showing up on ebay, but I haven't seen any lately.
          I don't car for the small yellow book, but have wondered how the green book is?


          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            Tom the green book is decent.. It just does not have the nice glossy pages as the Staub edition.
            They go for $25.00 and it's well worth it

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          Originally posted by Dennis View Post
          Numerous times Tom Wesenberg has posted Service Bulletins on ebay, but I'm never able to catch these in time and usually don't bid high enough to win either. Will the versions the Model A dealers sell suffice?

          Found it on Amazon


          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            Ed get the green book that is mentioned above

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          The hard yellow is 6X9. Now I’m looking at it, I guess the print is a little small? Although it never bothered me until you mentioned it! A friend showed me his older yellow paperback version. Now THAT is small.


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            Got my copies of the Service Bulletins today. Yeah I found an old hard bound version of the yellow book that's got some hand written pencil notes written in the front, good shape for an old book a little dirty, and bought cheap on amazon. It's a 57 copyright with a revised 1972. The green book is fresh new in the wrapper. Definitely worth having at least one of these with a preference for the green book. The ol yeller book goes out in the garage. I might toss it in the trunk because it matches the rest of the car somewhat.
            Last edited by Dennis; 12-07-2017, 02:30 AM.


            • Mitch
              Mitch commented
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              The green book is great for under 25. Thats the way to go for sure
              Now tell me why there is a V-8 on the cover

            • Dennis
              Dennis commented
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              Ha! Good question. The cover artist didn't know much about Model A's obviously. I ordered a used hardback copy of 32-27 just to read what bulletins there were for the 4 cylinder engines. Less than 20 bucks.

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            How about the one they call the Dan Post 1957 version....



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            The yellow hard cover book was one of the first Books I bought many years ago.
            I marked black ink squares on the outside edge of each year to make it easy to pick the year I was searching for.
            Later I was lucky enough to buy a Service Bulletins put out by the national clubs, before they ran out and didn't make any more.


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