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  • Jack point on frame

    i want to jack up the frame to take some weight off the springs. Where is a good jacking point? Thanks

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    Middle of the axles, with jack stands. Block your tires first.


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      Where is a good place to put the stands? Seems kinda crowded?


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        Dave, if you want to take the load off the springs, I would set the front jack stands about the rear motor mounts and the rear stands at about the rear fender fronts. Probably the only place along the frame rail you won't have obstructions.

        You can use the floor jack to get it up off the ground at the banjo in the rear and right below the hand crank hole on the front axle. I would probably jack the front up first, leaving it in gear and chocking the rear wheels.
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          Jack it up from the axles as mentioned. Then place your stands under the frame as shown on the 2 post lift points in the chassis forum
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            Great! Thanks for the help. Now for my afternoon project. I'm trying to get grease into a couple shackles that don't want to take grease. Hoping that taking some pressure off will let me clean them out. Have ordered a zerk zapper also. David


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