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What are the Sedan Delivery’s selling for?

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  • What are the Sedan Delivery’s selling for?

    There are too many variables to give an exact number but “roughly” how much more expensive are the delivery's?
    There seems to be so few on the market it’s a challenge to compare and contrast.

    I’ve heard it said that nice trucks sell for about $5000 more than nice cars. Are there any rules of thumb with the delivery’s?
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    In the past 12 years I have seen one sell for $25,000 and another no one would buy at $15,000. Both of them 29 Deluxe Delivery body style. I have not payed much attention to the 30-31's of the Panel Deliveries that have been listed. Blue Book value for insurance purposes is $42,000 according to my agent. Rod
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      The 28’s and 29’s are more expensive/desirable than the 30’s and 31’s simply because there were not very many 28’s and 29’s made.


      • Rowdy
        Rowdy commented
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        A bit of reallity there were only a hand full of 28 prototypes made. I would guesse that there are more titled as 28's now than were ever actually made. I have asked in the past how to tell the 28 prototypes from the later productions. I am sure with some research in the archives there are some differences in the rear panel and door. There were 3 variations in the rear panel wood as I found out a couple of years ago. Possibly there were corosponding changes in the sheetmetal. Maybe hinge spacing or something easy like that. Maybe in a few years I can go to the Benson and look for myself. I tried to obtain some info from Budd Manufacturing and found their archives are basicly non-existant. Rod

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