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Slant pole coil question

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  • Slant pole coil question

    I have what I think is an original slant pole coil in my box-o-stuff. How can I determine if it is a good working one or not?

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    Connect a capacitor across the 2 primary terminals, connect a battery to one of the primary terminals, then hold the coil wire 1/4" from that terminal and touch the other battery cable to the other primary terminal (off-on, off-on, etc.) and check for a hot blue spark.


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      Well Ray, you could check between the terminals for 3ohms resistance, or you could plug it into a car and see if it fires the plugs. Somewhere there was a post about checking coils and condensers.....
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        Here's a coil and condenser tester I make years ago.

        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 4 photos.


        • Ray Horton
          Ray Horton commented
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          If I made something like that Tom, it sure wouldn't look like that! That is a beautiful piece of work!

        • 2manycars
          2manycars commented
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          Well Tom, I am ready to buy one of those testers. I suggest you start making a batch.

        • CarlG
          CarlG commented
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          Reminds me of a telegraph key that I built to practice Morse Code on. Not near as pretty as this though.

          (I never did pass the Morse Code test, gave up my quest to be a ham radio guy.)

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