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POLL for a Model-A Workshop

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  • POLL for a Model-A Workshop

    Mitch and I have been talking some about this some, and now we’ll throw it out there to see what kind of responses we would have.

    As some of you may remember, several years ago we held some 3-day Weekend Workshops (actually 3 consecutive years I think beginning in 2006 or 07??) where we met at my shop for fellowship and learning about how to ‘restore’ our Model-As. Maybe the time has come to host another workshop? In a nutshell, here is an overview on what we are proposing;
    • Schedule a Friday morning thru Sunday evening workshop in Elizabethton, TN that attendees can bring components of their project to work on under the guidance of others.
    • The cost to attend will be FREE, and the only out-of-pocket $$ is someone generally passes the hat to cover weekend expenses incurred such as towels, hand-cleaner, shop supplies, etc.
    • The date will likely be in April of 2018, and the exact date will be announced shortly.

    In the past we have hosted seminars specific to repairing sheetmetal, rebuilding rear ends, transmissions, brakes, wheel straightening, -and one year we even rebuilt an engine including pouring & boring the babbitt. The intent is for folks to participate in several areas gaining first-hand knowledge of what is involved, learning a few tricks, --or sharing tips with others that you have learned. We can include as many topic s as we have an interest for, -or time to do. Also in the past, we have included specialty vendors such as Grain-It Woodgraining and Henrob Torches to come set-up and demo their products. Mitch & I also discussed the possibility of even designating an area for an outside swap meet (i.e.: 10-15 vendors) for hobbyists to sell Model-A parts.

    Now the logistics, …in the past workshops we had attendees from Texas up to Minnesota, and from Mass down to Florida. The most participants that I can remember attending was something like 110, and this time we will likely try to hold registration to around 100 people. There are plenty of hotels approximately 10 miles away or less from the shop to stay, -and we will decide at a later date on what to do for food. The location for working on most of the participant projects will take place in a 75’x175’ warehouse area that will shield us from the weather however that area is not heated or air conditioned, so we must choose our date carefully. We will also utilize other shops within the facility to hold seminars & work sessions that are air conditioned and heated, however the size and scope of each project will need to be discussed to make sure everyone has enough room to work safely on their project. As time permits and when we have experienced operators, we can utilize many of the shop tools such as lathes, mill, the Pullmax, the Wheeling Machine, welders, etc. Having knowledgeable volunteers to oversee various seminars will be a huge help.

    I feel sure there are many more questions to be asked, but for now please give us some feedback if you are seriously considering attending, and tell us what item(s) you would like to work on (your project or someone else's).




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