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The 29 came out of storage after about 35 years

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  • The 29 came out of storage after about 35 years

    i took it completely apart when I was in high school in the 70s and finished it by the time I got out of college. It isn't a show car mainly because I drove it as a daily driver to my first job. Most things are correct on it but it needs going through before I fire it up. I already put new tires on and will check the usual things then try and start it. Things sure have changed since I tore it down all those years ago, so much information is available on the internet. I miss all of the old guys who were the experts back then, nearly all are gone now, I am one of the old guys now, funny how that happened.
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    Looks great! What was it doing for all those years? Just stuck in the back of the garage?


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      That's beautiful. Keep it just as it is. It owns you, not the other way around.


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        Drive it and enjoy it.


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          Looks great, cool story.


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            Congrats for holding onto it for all those years. That is so cool, and the memories it gives you back must be fabulous.
            Keep us posted on how it turns out
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              It has just been sitting in the garage all these years, there is still a 30 coupe in there that just needs assembling. I got out of school and then had to take jobs away from home and then started a family and the rest is history as they say. The cars have just been waiting to be awakened I suppose. There was also an unrestored 30 tudor sitting outside but it had a metal roof so it survived and I tackled that one first and have it running around on the farm roads with heavy duty 16 inch tires. After being away from Model A's for so long I was surprised at how working on them came back just like riding a bike. What got me back into it was that I met a guy who had one and didn't know much about them so I started helping him with things and realized it was time to get at least one back in condition even if funds are tight these days.
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              • CarlG
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                I had the same thing. It was 50+ years between Model A #2 and #3. I, too, was surprised how much came back to me. And, of course, back then I had no library of all things Model A like I have now.

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              "I miss all of the old guys who were the experts back then, nearly all are gone now, I am one of the old guys now, funny how that happened. "

              yep I think about that every now and then......and I seriously doubt I know as much as they knew......


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                I had the pleasure of working with an 83 yr old. If and I mean if I knew what he has forgotten I would feel blessed. Fortunately he is still around, not quite as sharp as he was. Wonderful resource.


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                  I worked on the 29 and got it running today. One of the problems was that the points had worn down and were shorting out against the cam, so after replacing them I got fire out of the coil wire. The filter screen in the sediment bowl fell apart when I tried to remove it and the shut off was gummed up for awhile but luckily the carburetor worked fine probably because it was last run before ethanol. So it seems to have come back to life without too much work.


                  • Mitch
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                    When she first woke up what did she say to you?

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                  In my case it was how and why they reversed 3 pistons and left out half the coupler on the front universal. Never did get the opportunity, but have wonder why.

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