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  • Windshield install

    How is the windshield setting tape (from Mitch) get cut on the corners? Any pictures?

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    This tape fits into the windshield channel perfectly, so you run the bottom and top across the complete frame length. Then butt up the other side to that, and once it’s assembled the corner will look perfect. I have not found a need to miter the ends
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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      Thanks Mitch


      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
        Editing a comment
        Let me know how it works out for you

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      I am beginning to think that I have the wrong windshield for my 31 SW 4D TS.

      I have a windshield which is original. I measured the heights in the center of the window and the one installed is almost 1/4" bigger. This different in heights is what is leading me to think that this windshield...
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