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  • Spark Advance Rod

    Are any of the repro spark advance rods available from vendors? Supposed to be 17 5/32 for '30'31, etc.?

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    I use the repos with no issues.
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      They are all available
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        I meant repro. 17 5/16 (supposedly) original length, not 5/32 (typo). Just checked Brattons which list 2 sizes and a brass rod splice. Shorter ones need more column adjustment. The distrib. body slot is shown as 1" wide.


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        If you have a 2 tooth column you can loosen the clamp and turn the tube for some adjustment. Rod
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          Is there a definite measurement for the Spark Advance Control Rod?

          I have a situation where the the Spark Advance will not go completely to retard because it is hitting the Distributor Body.
          The Steering column is in the proper (or as I have always thought with the Spark & Throttle rods CENTERED on the top) location.
          I'm just wondering if I have a Spark Rod that is too...
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          Have checked Brattons online catalog and their Spark Rod is 17" long while Snyders is 17 5/16". Who's is correct?
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          Can someone tell be the dimension of the space in the bottom of the Distributor Body where the Spark Advance lever comes thru?
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          We all have them and seen them with broken springs so they are not useable.

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          Repo parts problems and fixes
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          Horn Rod

          When installing a horn rod on a 30/31, i usually have to sand about an inch of the stem with 80 grit where the upper bushing rides. This needs to spin freely otherwise the lights will go on when turning the steering wheel. I also had to sand down the squared bottom end so it would fit into the light switch easily.

          Have you run into any repo issues and fixes?...
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        • JohnB15632
          Distributor advance location
          by JohnB15632
          Here is my dumb question of the day. When the distributor is in the engine idle position, where is the correct distributor advance position.
          Is it as in the attached picture, all of the way to the left, or is it to be all of the way to the right, towards the middle of the engine?

          Thank you,
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          07-12-2021, 10:17 AM