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  • Oil Pressure gauge

    I've seen some small gauges that have 1/8" NPT center mounts but can't remember what the correct thread size is for the oil pump side block plug... any gauge recommendation also would be helpful. Thanks.

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    the oil pump side block plug is 1/8 NPT


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      Checking for oil flow is more important than pressure! You may have 3 psi or less just not to scare you. The model A oil pump is a high flow pump and doesn't make pressure.


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        Oil Pressure Gauges ??????: From experience, (and not learned from reading Forum opinions of others), if you ever get a much valued Model A rebuilt engine, and immediately afterwards, if you personally ever have just one newly installed Model A oil pump break, and it is not noticed until your engine compartment sounds like a loud, 1915 Blacksmith's Shop, if you ever later install an oil pressure gauge, you may notice that your eyes may automatically focus on the gauge now and then, especially when far away from home.


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          Many thanks for the info and understood the reading is very small. Attached is a photo of a dry gauge by Durachoice at $3.55, center mount 1/8"NPT., black steel housing. Oil filled is about $10.
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            There's a certain amount of fun when you have an oil pressure guage and ask a car guy friend to keep an eye on it while you're driving!


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              One Guy bent his needle, to make the reading look IMPRESSIVE!
              Bill Nottowurry


              • Mitch
                Mitch commented
                Editing a comment
                i saw a guy do that to a temp gauge to fix the running hot issue

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              I used to add a 10 Ohm resistor to the temp sender wire on Volvos! Dropped the reading about 1/8"--Color code for the resistor wuz BROWN/BLACK/BLACK---
              Bill Tricky


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                I thought oil pressure too but is there...
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