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The best product to clean a carb

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  • The best product to clean a carb

    I bought a zenith 1 carb that I will rebuild, what is the best product to soak parts for cleaning before rebuilding?

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    I have used Evaporust and also blasted them in my cabinet
    i clean and blow out the ports and passages with carb cleaner and compressed air
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      I normally bake the carburetors in the oven at 450°F for an hour, then put them in the freezer for four hours. This makes dis-assembly easier and loosens up deposites. After it is all apart I soak in mineral sprits for a week to get rid of the loosened deposites. Afer that bead blast and clean all of the passages. Paint the castings and re-assemble with resized jets and other tested parts. Rod
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        T.S.P. in warm water works well for me. Even BETTER, set the can on an old hot plate, on LOW.
        TIDE, used in the same manner, will clean carboned-up pistons slick as a WHISTLE! Learned this trick from Chrysler, it was used to clean varnished-up Automatic Trans parts. In a 5 Gallon bucket, you can clean crankshafts/camshafts/rods & about ANYTHING & they look like "NEW"----TRY IT, you'll be amazed how easy it is.<l(:-) It's like a Poor Mans' HOT TANK.
        Bill Clean
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          I have a gallon container of carb cleaner with a dip tray that I bought at a car parts store. Take it apart and soak for a day and you will get all the paint and varnish off. Then maybe the evaporust after that. I have used the same gallon for cleaning parts for over a year.


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            Humble Model A opinion from 20+ years of successful Model A petroleum cleaning experiences:

            For cleaning "any" old or new petroleum products from "any" old Model A surface, until you try POR Marine Clean mixed with hot tap water, you will be like a mountain climber on a camping trip in the wilderness with severe irritating loose bowels who forgot to place Imodium in his back pack.


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              Has anyone ever used an OLD Dishwasher to clean parts? They work quite well. It's good to use them outdoors, in case they LEAK. It's also a good use for them, when you put a NEW one in your home. When you no longer use it, put it at the curb & a junkie will take it & everyone's HAPPY & your parts are CLEAN! IF no one takes it, put out an OLD Battery, as a bonus for takin' it. You gotta' play the ANGLES!;)
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                And here I thought you were a used car salesman!

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              Bill "Broke"


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                I'll buy, if you throw in the talking Dog Bill !

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