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  • Cheap China Inner tubes...

    Had a slow leak in one of Rustys tires. Luck has it I have a few 19" tubes. I do the trash bag deal after putting a little air in the tube but still need the help of some irons. I popped two freaking tubes...the irons are very round, blunt and have electrical tape around them to prevent scratches.

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    First have your Wheaties beer and you'll find that no pry bars will be needed.

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    "It's all nuts and bolts"
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    • Beauford
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      remember...this is pretty new rubber. It doesn't like to flex.

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    Mitch, dose that come in a dark IPA?????


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      I use an oak ax handle. I whittle down the end so that it is smooth.


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        somewhere in the tech section there is a thread on mounting tires. There is also an old-time video somewhere of Henry's first cousin(?) using the car itself to hold the wheel (rim) in place while he installs the tire and tube together.
        We have the rim mounted to the left front hub, and lock the brakes so the darn thing can't fight us back. We have the tube already in the tire. (yes we powder the tube). We use cooking oil spray as a lube (we paint cars here so a silicone spray is verboten). We install the two beads together at the top of the rim, then fixate it to the rim with a short ratchet strap. Then we slowly work the two beads into place all the way around. Be sure the beads drop into the center!!!
        In the event the last inch of bead is a bitch, we sometimes might have to resort to a tire iron padded just as you do with electrical tape, but the tube is never exposed; we are always working on both beads at the same time, so we never get anywhere near the tube.

        This method follows the old time video pretty closely.
        Is it fun? NO. But it does work. We do this on a lift, so we cheat. But, with two people, and wheaties, you can do it!
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          Tbird i also follow your method except I leave the wheel on the car and let the weight of the car down on it with the beads in the center I use dish soap a little on my finger and lube the beads and this works well for one guy was taught to do them this way by an old ford mechanic.


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            Thanks fella's! Got the sumbitch on!


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