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Caster and braking

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  • Caster and braking

    Caster seems to be good, but brakes are locking up and pulling to one side !
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    What condition are they in and how have they been adjusted. Check to make sure everything is as it should be and they are adjusted correctly. Use the Service Bulletins.

    OK, duh, I get it. I was thinking the picture was just an old picture.
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      Patrick, I think your right on all accounts. Fred, the guy I bought my AA from, had many books above his desk. He wouldn't part with that one !! The Service Bulletin is packed with info, from my quick glance. I said I will never buy another book but, after looking at that one, I think I need just one more !! Might just as well pay a fortune for my last one !! P.S.- That is a very nice name, Patrick. Pat

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    Make sure the 4 bolts mounting the backing plate are tight. If the backing plate can move a little, then as you apply the brakes the rotation will move the top of the backing plate forward, which will apply the brakes harder on that wheel. Otherwise, if everything is set up correctly, then you can back off the adjuster a click or two on the brake that locks up.


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      Tom, can I hire you as a farm hand for a week or two. Room, board, and a nice salary too !! Being salary may mean overtime without extra pay though, unless my wife takes a liking to you !

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    I would add that when you are adjusting the brakes, don't have the frame on jack stands. If the axles hang down the brakes will be to tight!
    Read here about how ***** adjusts brakes, the very best way!


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      Bring it over for a computerized wheel alignment. That should fix it
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      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        Mitch, why don't you move to Minnesota and be closer to your Dad ?

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      I guess nobody clicked on the photo


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        that's what i was wondering!

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        I was beginning to wonder if i should start drinking early to see if that helped.

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      After a long day and a short night !
      Humor :-) I'm a little slow!


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        Close the doors. They are causing the pulling to one side.


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          Thanks for all the info though guys!! Learning to do words in bubbles in VFF's tech support group. Ask anything there and good ole boys will guide you all the way to perfection !
          Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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            Originally posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
            Make sure the 4 bolts mounting the backing plate are tight. If the backing plate can move a little, then as you apply the brakes the rotation will move the top of the backing plate forward, which will apply the brakes harder on that wheel. Otherwise, if everything is set up correctly, then you can back off the adjuster a click or two on the brake that locks up.

            I concur with Tom.. of course make sure your brake shoes are not dragging by adjustment on the wedge with the rod disconnected and also make sure your rod adjustment has the two front brakes evenly applied. I do like doing a 4 wheel brake adjustment where as some oppose it.
            If the backing plate bolts are loose at all the backing plate will want to rotate slightly... which can also bind the operating pin from the operating shaft down to the wedge. It would be wise to remove cotters and check for tightness and look for any binding.
            Larry Shepard


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