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How to set up the 15 degree tilt on the front brake actuator

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  • How to set up the 15 degree tilt on the front brake actuator

    I was wondering if someone on the forum can describe to me the the proper way to set up the 15 degree tilt on the front brake actuator.
    I have read several articles and watched YouTube on the brakes but do not get a clear answer on how to really do this.
    Thanks in advance

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    You use what is called pills on the actuator rod that up the center of the spindle bolt this is done to take the play out if done right then you will have the correct amount of tilt, look up purdy's advice on how to set up your brakes it is in the tech section.


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      Along with what Chief mentioned some folks just like to put a dab of weld on the rods end then grind it off to the desired length.

      I usually use those pills also
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        I printed out Purdy's way to do it BUT still like to see how it looks when the lever is on 15 degrees


        • BNCHIEF
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          Joop if you do not find it I will take a pic and post it for you later what tbird said is pretty clear.

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        If looking at the left front wheel, lever should look like it is pointing at 11:00. If looking at the right front wheel, it should look like 1:00.

        If the lever starts out vertical (noon), with the slightest application of the brake rods you will be at what is called 'over-center' and you will have zero force on the vertical actuating pin inside the kingpin, no matter how hard you step on the pedal.

        I have done the welding method and the pill method, both work fine. The suppliers have the 'pills' (basically shims to shim up the pin from 85 years worth of wear). I don't like to use more than 2 pills. If it needs more than that, my personal standard is to weld them


        • Mitch
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          i was going to say 10:57 28 or 1:03 31

        • BNCHIEF
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          You do precision work Mitch the rest of us are normal.

        • Joop
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          I see what you saying but which reference point on the car frame do I use to put up my 15 degree scale

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        I agree with all the above, and have welded them and also used the pills. But some times they are worn so bad that you need to replace some parts. Bottom line no matter how you do it you need 15 degrees forward like Mitch so nicely described.
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          3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
          Henry Ford said,
          "It's all nuts and bolts"
          "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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            I Have that one but where do I hold it onto to see if they are set right


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              As long as the actuating arms are not past vertical when the brakes are on hard your good to go. Another way to look at it when the brakes are on hard the actuating arm and the break rod angle should be no more that 90*.


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                no need to measure anything, just eyeball it

                1:00 on the right, 11:00 on the left. This is an eyeball test


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                  Okie Dokie will do that Thanks for all the help.


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                    Joop if you take all the slack out of the lever by using the pills do that first then the lever will be correct should be a tiny bit of movement make sure the shoes fully retract and you have slight movement at the lever, you are overthinking this, Tbird said it about as simple as it is.


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                      After I bought 2 new push rods, the levers were at the correct 15 degrees forward.


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