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  • Thanksgiving project

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! I’m staying home to puppysit while Mrs. Lucky goes to her relatives today. The new Lab pup and I will be in the garage all day. Darn the luck. I’m going to raise the body enough to nail the door sills on the bottom side. I know, It should have been done before we set the body on the frame... Live and learn.
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      Did you PAY her, so you could baby sit the Dog & work on your "A"????--Hope she brings you a DOGGIE BAG--LOL
      Dad Suspicious

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    Too bad you will have to spend the holiday with your A and dawg ;-)


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      At home til supper time. One of my grandsons stayed the night last night. Was planning on taking him to the shop for more transmission dis-assembly as I continue the hunt for 2 good sets of gears. Grandson woke up with a nasty sounding cough, so to keep him out of the cold air, will stay in the house and find something to keep him entertained. Rod
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