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  • USPS tracking.

    Has anybody else had this problem? I bought an item on ebay Wednesday last week, that's a week ago. I live about an hour north of San Diego which is where the item was bought from. I've been watching the tracking shaking my head at how those idiots operate. It jumps around to a couple locations in San Diego county and then goes to Anaheim about 30 minutes north of me. Then all of a sudden it is in Oklahoma City, OK. Now something similar a couple weeks ago, had a package actually leave from it's destination about an hour north of me, end up at my local post office and then the next day it's in Rochester, NY. From now on I'm going to insist who I buy from DOES NOT ship USPS.

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    Well i shipped out 140 calendars so far using USPS without any issues (knock on wood).. But shit happens

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      Yes, I've had this problem before quite a lot. Not recently though and the times before came down to two causes. The holiday season hired workers that don't give a shite and, the address sticker some how gets covered in parts with then the computer scanner reading it incomplete or a partial reading. I had one package crossed the entire US three times before a worker intercepted it and sent it to the right location. When it arrived the addressee and address was readable but not the scanning sticker for the computer to read it correctly.

      My advice, contact local PO and put a stop in the computer to have it intercepted and pulled and sent on it's way correctly. Also contact the shipper and have them do the same from their end....Good Luck
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        Had one package for overseas shipment that made it to NY as it should have before departing the US. Then 3 days later it was in AZ, then to MN, then back to NY and finally went overseas and to the customer. Nearly a 14 day tour of the US before it left. In 20 years of selling parts I have only had a handfull of problems. Rod
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          Considering that there are a bazillion packages going through the USPS systems every day, it's a wonder that there aren't more glitches. Going back to the days I owned a mail order company, I have the greatest respect for the USPS. On the other hand, if I mail a letter from Durango to Bayfield (20 miles east), my letter goes to Albuquerque for sorting and then to Denver for sorting before being delivered to Bayfield. And that's if I take the letter to the main PO before 3 PM.


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            The USPS has closed down a bunch of sorting centers to save money. When a sorting center for packages gets overwhelmed they send the packages to another within one day travel, sort it there and send it back to be spread out to the local post offices for delivery. This extra 2-3 days for a few packages is better than a 2-3 day delay for all of them. Any additional writing on the package can cause problems, as well as separation of the sender and recipient placed on the package. Sometimes one scanner will read the address as one label and another scanner will read the other label.

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          Originally posted by Rowdy View Post
          Had one package for overseas shipment that made it to NY as it should have before departing the US. Then 3 days later it was in AZ, then to MN, then back to NY and finally went overseas and to the customer. Nearly a 14 day tour of the US before it left. In 20 years of selling parts I have only had a handfull of problems. Rod
          That why the postage has gotten so high. It cost more money to ship the package back and forth to visit far off places, before returning to the final destination. It happens to me also. And that tracking bar graph is a joke. It shows my package half way to me, but it hasn't even been dropped off yet at the PO by the seller.


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            I sent Wiz something only took about two weeks, but then I did not want to wrap a lot of money up in Wiz.:rolling


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            I finally got my package yesterday, noticed the bar code was not on a flat surface. Half of the label was on one lid and the other half on the other lid. The sender had stuffed so much packing paper in the box it was bulging out on all surfaces and all that packing was unnecessary.


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              The post office has me on their hit list. Received a bullet mirror yesterday, and the PO shattered the glass.



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                How do they do something like that when there should be double layers of packing?

              • Jeff/Illinois
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                Tom, with you it's either the USPS fouls up or your neighbor steals your stuff you can't win-------------

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              It was sent in the original box which was inside a corrugated box, but there should have been an inch barrier between the boxes, instead of tight to each other. Still, the post office had to go to great lengths to break it, but that's what they do best. I don't buy much through the mail anymore due to all the breakage and lost packages.


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                Fedex did this to my carton of Hood Rods. I can't complain too loud as my son flies a 777 for them overseas. (Snyder replaced the rods and I had them in two days!!!)
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                This guy ordered a roll of bubble wrap. It arrived in a box protected by a hundred feet of paper packing. Think the shipper was aware of USPS horror stories?




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