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Front generator bearing

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  • Front generator bearing

    What's the front generator bearing. I'm thinking 6203?? With the metric I'd?

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    6203 is the number i have written down. it's the same as the pilot bearing
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    • Mitch
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      i always use the sealed bearing type

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    It is a very common bearing. Available at any auto parts store or electrical motor shop.

    Also all Model A ball bearings are metric


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      That bearing(along with some others), comes Both metric and in sae. I know you can cut the pilot shaft down to the sae and buy the bearing with the sae id.i just wasn't sure which number it was. Thanks. I've got a front generator bearing that has a little play in it, and I wanted to be sure I had a bearing available before tearing it apart.


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        6203/3203 are the most COMMON bearings in the WORLD!
        On Sears' equipment, they altered the I.D, so you had to buy the bearing from them! I plopped one down on the counter @ Buds' All Bearings, with a quick glance he sed, "You'll have to go to SEARS"!!! +*$^#^+^$
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        • conaway2
          Front generator bearing screeching....
          by conaway2
          In the 50+ years I have owned this Model A, this is the first time I’ve encountered a generator bearing issue. I’ve ordered both a front bearing and bushing, as I’m not sure which will be needed. This is the original 1930 generator (I guess I really don’t know this, as I’m the 4th owner of this car....).

          Any guidance in advance will be greatly appreciated !
          thanks - Jim
          01-14-2020, 06:20 PM
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          Generator Armature issues
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          Wrote the below and just went out to the garage to look again - I was confused on the below - so never mind for now, need to get the bearing off to see what I have - something to do tomorrow.


          Bought a used armature to repair a bearing/bushing generator with a bad shaft under the bearing....
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          Generator End Play
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          I just had a question about end play on the common long generator. It's the front bearing that controls the end play, so if you can move the armature in and out more than a couple thousandths of an inch, you should plan on installing a new front bearing. The rear bushing (used March 1930 and later) almost never needs to be replaced. Often you can get by with a new front bearing, rivet/screws to install...
          06-02-2018, 06:33 AM
        • old31
          How much play in the generator armature is ok?
          by old31
          Is it ok to have play in the armature?

          When I pick up on the bearing, I can lift up the back end about 3/4 of an inch. It spins freely, but I can wiggle the armature easily up and down....
          09-20-2018, 02:09 PM
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          Does anyone have a Timken OUTER Front Wheel Bearing P/N?...
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          Took two used 2 generators apart.

          #1 - Was the generator on a previous post "Motor Noise", the generator was the source of the noise, and it also varied the amperage output even though the 3rd brush had not been adjusted. This is a early 2 bearing generator. This was a non-refurbed, worked when pulled from car/motor Ebay special. Paid $35 or $50 for it, do not remember. ...
          05-11-2019, 07:31 PM
        • rheacox
          Not a good month for generators on the VFF
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          Like Wade (1930 Closed Cab Pickup), I have a new engine in my A with about 400 miles on it. Also like Wade, mine started making a bit of noise. The noise wasn't very alarming and I assumed tight valves (it was a ticking sort of noise) so I added some oil to the gas and after a good drive the noise was gone (or so I thought).

          Then the noise came back bigger and stronger so I went around...
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          Sad repo generator parts
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          Well restoring the early 29 generator (non powerhouse) that has the rear bearing oil hole on the side not the end. Decided to order the new front bearing components kit. Yea that was a mistake.

          Maybe the later generators use these style parts? Only things I can use are the felt and the bearing spacer - rest are completely...
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        • 31 Deluxe Coupe
          Generator bearing lubricant to use
          by 31 Deluxe Coupe
          Hi guys,
          I searched the forum and checked the lube chart And didn’t find anything on it. What type of oil and how much do you use in the generator bearing port?
          04-27-2021, 11:39 PM
        • Jim Mason
          the only nice bearing used in the model a (I think)
          by Jim Mason
          Where was it used and when?

          10-04-2017, 06:21 PM