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  • Keys

    I have a 31' Sport Coupe. I need door keys. Does any vendor sell the lug or how do I go about having keys made?

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    Most vendors sell key blanks. If you have a good local locksmith, you should take the car over and let him have a look. You may have to remove the door handle so he can make the new key.


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      Try Dick Crabtree first
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      "It's all nuts and bolts"

      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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        I'll try Dick. I don't need the ignition pop-out key just the door and rumble key.
        Thanks, Phil


        • Fixitphil
          Fixitphil commented
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          Is Dick Crabtree on the VFF site?

        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          Not that i know of, but you can tell him about it

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        I got Dick's phone number: (605) 487-7229. It was published in FB.


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          Originally posted by Fixitphil View Post
          I got Dick's phone number: (605) 487-7229. It was published in **.
          It was also posted in the link on post # 3
          3 ~ Tudor's
          Henry Ford said
          "It's all nuts and bolts"

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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            Don't have the JS in front of me but I believe the door key and Pop-Out keys are the same on '31's. MY son's '31Slant TS Pop-Out and door key are the same.


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              I went to a local locksmith. They made three keys for $10.00.


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                I want to put keyed locks on both doors of my pickup, and would like to have them keyed alike.

                Has anyone had any success in doing that?
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                • Ted Duke
                  Ted Duke commented
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                  Go see your local locksmith. I used to have two rental houses and had the lock rekeyed ever few years as tenants changes. it is NOT rocket science. Might have some issues finding the right blank.

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