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  • ignition cable

    I did ask on another thread but thought I should start a new topic. How does the ignition switch cable head apart to rebuild replace the key door and obtain key codes etc?

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    there is a Number on the side of the outer plated barrel On the Popout . Dick Crabtree Can key the door and popout alike .
    I have a Krw key cutter and puncher as well if you want to try but keys are not my forte so I usually get my help on them from Dick Crabtree.



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      Bratton's 2018 Catalog on Page 78 has an ignition switch test, copied below. It states that with the ignition key off, there should be continuity using a multi-meter between the brass end which goes into the distributor (their point B on the chart) and the cable (their point C on the chart). Les Andrews states essentially the same thing in the red book on Page 1-203, paragraph 4, copied below....
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