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New "A" Yard Find and start up car

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  • New "A" Yard Find and start up car

    I recently got a call about an "A" in the inner St. Louis city about an "A" that had been sitting for many years. Ironically I was on the way home from looking at a possible start up car for the Branson 2018 meet when I got the call. The caveat was that is was almost free ($1) but we had to get it out quickly as the land had been sold and the car was possibly slated to the scrap heep if it didn't get removed in a day or two.

    Upon arrival and inspection at the inner city location and narrow alleyway it was a difficult removal. Not really prepared that day to do it we proceeded anyway as it had to be. The following are some photos of the car as we found it and some in pulling it out of it's hibernation. Of course I got AAA to haul for free as I told them one of my older cars was disabled.

    There are some good usable parts but it would be an adventurous restoration on a fairly rusty body. Nevertheless, we will at least use it as our Missouri Valley region start up car for 2018. Engine is now stuck but we will see what we can do.

    Attached are some photos.....
    Every year our group does a start up where we've been successful every years for the last 25!
    Here's a few of our more recent links.

    Larry Shepard

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    Thanks for the pix and vids, Larry.
    It is refreshing to see a group like this that really knows what they are doing.
    We've done several Model As, a couple of '50s Unit Cranes (Chrysler straight-8 IND motors), and some other misc. stuff. Always a great feeling to bring'em back to life. They are just waiting for the right set of hands to latch onto them.....

    I'm not know how to unstick'em!


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      Ever tried filling it to OVERFLOWING, with ATF & ACETONE????---And "maybe" fill the cooling system with BOILING, HOT water????


      • Fixitphil
        Fixitphil commented
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        You've tried them all Dad. How's that vacuum running?
        Visalia Son Phil

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      Larry, what is on the back of the car? It looks like a vent hole on the box. Are you still looking for a car for the Branson meet start up?


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        Larry, I grew up in north St. Louis and remember a lot of abandoned A's and T's in yards and garages in old alleys. Your pictures made me wonder if any I saw are left. Most of them I remember as being around the north Broadway and the Hall street area. I am not sure I would want to do much in that area now. It was no mans land when we moved out in 71 and I was reminded of the old neighborhood last week when I took some stainless to Gateway plating just south of downtown.


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          Larry, nice pictures and video's. Great to see the young fellow starting the one car. Another of Model "A"er.


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            Larry that was superb and what great videos as well. It's nice to see how everyone is well into the startup and excited. As Dave mentioned it was very refreshing for me as well. One of my favorite parts was when the young man was cranking the car and then he suddenly disappeared in a cabin full of smoke. That was a great find tucked away like that in the city,
            good goin my friend
            3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
            Henry Ford said,
            "It's all nuts and bolts"
            "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

            Mitch's Auto Service ctr


            • BILL WILLIAMSON
              BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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              Mitch, sounds like a WILD MOVIE--LOL---Or a Dragster BURNING out, or a NASCAR Toyota, blowing his ENGINE! (YEY!)
              Smokey Dad

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            Reminds me of my first engine.....I thought the fire dept was gonna show up.


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              Nice find Larry! When you get it running I will double you money :-)


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                Larry i will double your money right now. I would restore that one. Good luck with it.


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                  This gallery has 5 photos.
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