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Eyebrow fender experts needed

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  • Eyebrow fender experts needed

    OK, I am metal repairing an eyebrow fender for a friend. The gauge of the metal just doesn't seem right for stock A. Can't be thicker than 21 ga. Have not measured it, but it is very flimsy.

    So, were eyebrows ever repopped?

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    Probably not as they were only used the first 3 months of '30.


    • tbirdtbird
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      That was my thought too, but this sheet metal is more like a beer can factory gone all wrong

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    "Maybe" they used lighter metal so the intricate patterns formed BETTER????
    Bill Guessing?


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      I just went out and looked at some of mine
      they appear to measure 18 ga .040
      i also checked the standard 30s and they are the same 18 ga and .040
      so, if i misread the gauge i misread both the same
      the only place you can check the 30 eyebrow is where they notched the edge that fits on the frame out for clearance as the edge is folded over


      • Mitch
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        What mot said!
        You can take that to the bank

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      I appreciate the expertise, mot.
      I don't have any other fenders here to compare to right now.
      I do get .040 where you said.
      I think I have identified the problem.
      We all know how these A fenders like to crack at the midway point along the outer edge. Must be a nasty harmonic going on there.
      Turns out this fender has already been repaired in this area. Not obvious at first due to filler. A large section was gas welded in. The piece used is a lighter gauge!


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