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Another front crank shaft seal

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  • Another front crank shaft seal

    Found this photo on the net of a modern type seal. Just found out it is a modern seal with an alum. outer jacket sold by Specialty Motor Cam ( replacement shocks, etc.).
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    Last edited by plyfor; 11-18-2017, 05:39 PM. Reason: found vendor for seal.

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    Does this seal require any modifications to the engine block?
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      Carl, not sure, but after looking at the website (Stipe machine,Aka Specialty Cam ) it doesn't appear to be so. Also, the seal is a stock type similar to Parker Co flexilip seals . Most of the seal companies suggest using a Dura sleeve on the shaft (or pulley) to get a polished surface or to correct wear grooves. If going to a modern seal, there appear to be more types available than what the A vendors provide.


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        New seal from Specialty Motor Cams. And that is their new website BTW.


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          Mr. Stipe has a very interesting video on his Facebook page showing the cutting of one bearing surface on a A/B cam. Here:


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            If you watched the video he states, "In my world that's gotta be perfect". Bill's the best. I have one of his Touring 340 AB cams. I measured it before I put it in, and it is perfect.


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              If Bill Stipe made it, it is perfect.
              Alaskan A's
              Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska
              Model A Ford Club of America
              Model A Restorers Club
              Antique Automobile Club of America
              Mullins Owners Club


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                What is the difference between a touring cam and stock cam. I assume the touring cam is set up for more tq at lower RPM's.


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                  The front pulley seal in question is a 2 piece according to the photos. The inner is a Chicago Rawhide 16047 but the outer may be a custom piece made by Stipe with a shell and outer O ring. Our engine person suggests taking modern seals apart and adding silicon sealant between the spring and outer parts and then some sealant in the grooves when installing the entire seal. Evidently oil can get by the sections bypassing the lip seal.


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