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    The door sills I have for My 31 Victoria seem to come up a little short compared to the door opening. I have a little space on both ends. Does anyone have a picture of them installed showing both ends? Also, when nailing the top edge down does it nail into a little edge rabbitted on the outside of the wooden subframe? Thanks, Art

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    I fit Dales Victoria sills and he had the originals which were poor so we put the reproduction units on.
    They take a little fitting and yes, they have to be nailed on to the underneath side before the body is frame mounted
    make sure they are fitting with the door closure ok as well before final tacking.

    john hash and others may have some input as well on this. If you need some pictures for reference for Dales I can get some for you.


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      Larry, I was going to give Dale a call to take more pictures. I have the originals that are beat up but I can slip them on pretty easily. The new ones are going to take some fitting. I will still have about a 1/4" inch gap at both ends that I am not sure about so looking at Dales car will help. Thanks for the help.


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        Art, yes they do take some fitting. One side of his fits better then he other. I remember having to form it down to be nailed pretty well. I'll bet when these were install at the factory they did something of similar nature though. We want to think of everything of a precision nature but I've seen fireballs whacked under gas tanks that clearly hadn't been out before. Tops of tanks same thing to make hoods align down, etc

        I think A&l makes those so you could always give Allen Lepore a call maybe to discuss fit as well.

        just a thought ....


          BILL WILLIAMSON commented
          Editing a comment
          If they're just a LITTLE short, grab your TORCH & sum GAP ROD.
          Helping an Old Welder, as he filled up a BIG GAP,--"Turn up the welder & hand me some 5/16" rod"---As he arced along, he added the 5/16" rod, in amongst the ARC---BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, WIDE bead!!!
          LOVED that man, Guv Riggs, lived ALONE, with 3 Dogs & Fightin' CHICKENS! His Brother was a Multi Million Dollar RANCHER!
          Dad Weldershelper

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