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Installing Top for 1930 Tudor

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  • Installing Top for 1930 Tudor

    I am restoring a 1930 Tudor that had never been in the shape of a complete car when I bought the car 35 years ago. I have rebuilt the car including the top and have just the top material to install. I have read many articles on how to, but need info on gluing, tack spacing and nail type and spacing for the gutters (using originals) and front and back metal original closures or covers. Thanks in advance . Grant

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    Hey Grant Welcome

    I have my own method of madness to install the Tudor tops. In a warm environment stretch the top material down by pulling on it and then tap in some temporary nails spread a few inches apart. Only insert the nails enough to hold as you will be pulling them back out as this is a preliminary stretch. After a day or so pull out the nails a section at a time and then stretch / pull down some more on the top material and do your final tacking. You'll see how much more it stretches because those original nail holes will be much further down after the second stretch. After the final tacking trim off all the excess. Check out my build thread here and it will show you how I space them out on the final tack. Remember when you go to install the moldings and gutters those nails will also be going through the top material so you need room for those. That is why i space them the way i do. When i'm installing the gutters i don't over-nail them on as it's not necessary to have those nailed every 1/2". Maybe every 6 inches on the side gutters is sufficient and this will make it easier if you ever need to remove them. There are many ways to accomplish this job and i find this is the best way for me to have a nice tight fitting top.

    Ck out these pics, i have this thread laying down in the TEST area
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      Where can i purchase top kit for the Tudor? I ordered one from Mikes and they tell me now that it will only fit the sedan, that it is not wide enough for the Tudor?

    • Mitch
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      Call Mike @ Classtique Upholestry. You’ll be glad you did

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    Hey Grant, WELCOME to the VFF!!
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      Wecome to the VFF !
      I found I needed 80+* in my garage during the winter install.
      I use a wide jawed vice grip that I made, and used a racket strap to pull the material tight. Start in the middle front and back, side to side working to each corner loosely tacking, you may need to pull the tack. After your satisfied then finsh the tacks.
      DO NOT use crappy foam padding, it will deteriorate in short order !


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        Chief used HORSE SHOE Nails, for temporary holding. The're handy for a lots of things, even HORSE SHOES or driving in beside a battery post that has a CRUMMY Connection!

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      A good tutorial on roof installation is on Marco's site. Here is the link:
      Eastern Connecticut


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