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Looking for someone with an Unrestored '29 Murray Town Sedan

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  • Looking for someone with an Unrestored '29 Murray Town Sedan

    I am working on a 1929 Murray body Town Sedan that I received as a complete basket case. Getting ready to do the interior and would like to find someone with an Unrestored one that would be willing to take a bunch of digital interior photos. I am willing to send a camera chip for the photos.
    Thanks, Ed

    Saturday afternoon,
    Thanks folks for the replys. From the looks of it I need to provide some more info.
    I am building a Touring car, not a fine points car.

    Some of the specific info I am looking for is:
    Routing and attachment of the electric wiper wire on the header.
    How the upholstery meets at the top and bottom of the door posts.
    Whats seals the gap between the bottom of the door and the body.
    How the upholstery meets up with the dash rail and the window garnish.
    How the carpet meets up with the rear seat.

    These are the iteams that come to mind at this moment.
    After 50+ years I have figured out that I am a visual learner.
    Thanks again, Ed
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    Welcome Ed to the VFF!
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      Hey EdW, WELCOME to the VFF!!

      Sorry, but we don't have a '29 Murray in our group, or I would be glad to take all the pictures you need. I will keep my eyes open up here in Dizzyland for ya. Maybe Dennis in the OC chapter has a member with one for ya.
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        Ed welcome I have a 29 Murray but it is my driver and finished, I still can take any pics you might need....
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        We have them in our club, but I'm not sure of what you are looking for. Will this be for judging? How correct do you need for it to be?


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