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  • Darkside

    I have been deleting threads, receiving PM's and visitor messages about the darkside being off line. I have no idea what happened nor do i care, as this is a separate forum going in a completely different direction. It has been well documented that there was a dire need for a place that loves our passion and the people in it. This need has been proven by our massive growth in just 6 months and from the support we have received back from the hobby. The VFF is already living and breathing on it's own and has become the main player for quality and friendly information.

    Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving holiday
    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"
    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr

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  • glentre
    Why this new forum?
    by glentre
    Didn't know this forum existed and found it quite by accident so I joined to see what it's all about. I've been a member on the barn for almost four years with some 325 posts so I'm not a newbee. My handle there is Lona.

    ​​​​​​Seems like a shame to have two forums on the same subject. While I've read many very generalized comments on why this new site was formed, it seems...
    09-16-2017, 09:49 AM
  • Mitch
    New sign ups
    by Mitch
    We have been averaging 3-6 new members daily. Many of these new VFF’ers were not on a forum like this before. One reason for this is many are coming in from the Bratton’s parts flyers initiative. I have been working with many of these new members on the phone and through email. Most of the help involved site navigation and operations. The feedback i received back from them is always positive....
    01-25-2018, 08:18 PM
  • merjohn
    by merjohn
    1. We will be getting the block bored out to 60 over in a-couple of weeks. This motor was seized when we got the truck. It had 40 over pistons in it and we are going to go to 60 over. The pistons were bought from Snyder’s. My question is should we have all four cylinders honed to 4 thousands over or just numbers 3 and 4 and hone 1 and 2 to 3 thousands over. The reason I am asking is I have read...
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    This gallery has 20 photos.
    04-27-2018, 09:55 PM
  • tbirdtbird
    An impressive thing about the VFF and the posters.....
    by tbirdtbird
    From inception, I have noticed that the posters here are open minded about their methods, and have been willing to incorporate advice from professional mechanics and professional restorers into their repertoire. This is rewarding to the people that reply, in that they don't think that they are wasting their time. On so many other forums, posters are merely looking for confirmation that their shoddy...
    09-17-2018, 01:12 PM
  • kevinf
    New Member Introduction
    by kevinf
    Hello all,

    I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I am new to the forum and the Model A world and live in the Detroit area. I purchased my first Model A about three months ago which is a 1931 Deluxe Roadster. I was not even planning on getting one, but my wife and I ran across this one when we were at someplace and it was love at first site. Through looking at reference books...
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    09-19-2017, 11:24 AM
  • Mitch
    by Mitch

    We only have been set up for a couple hours now but the support for our forum is totally amazing. I have already met many great members and future members. Steve Wastler just got one of the limited edition VFF hats, and will be apart of our community along with so many other new folks that are being educated about it. WE are going to be kickin ass this week...
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    07-31-2017, 01:52 PM
  • Mitch
    by Mitch
    As you have probably seen, Mike's "A" Fordable has jumped on board to sponsor the VFF. This support along with other generous donations and store sales, allows us to help the hobby even more. Without this backing much of what has been accomplished to date would not have been possible. When you make your next parts order, think of the vendors that stepped up to help move this thing along....
    08-09-2018, 09:55 PM