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Greasing u-joint clam shells

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  • Greasing u-joint clam shells

    I greased my u-joint clam plenty today ! So much that when I took the tranny tower off, there was grease coming in from the rear bearing. I'm hoping this is a normal thing and I didn't wreck a possible seal in there. Pat should just stay in his chair somedays.. Thanks, Mr. Grease Monster
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    Well i doubt you can hurt anything, it would just mix with the oil. I always remove the speedo turtle and stop when it starts to come out of there
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    • pAAt
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      Thanks Mitch, I'll do that next time. Tranny is still dry from previous rebuild, so I just wiped the half a tube out of it. Pat

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    Pat, have you checked the level in your differential?


    • pAAt
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      I need to check my under drive first Dennis Dennis !!!!! I will check the rear clam shell ( like Mitch says, by taking the speedo off) when I grease that one. Dennis, greasing these things is going to be a job all in itself. I need to buy M-533 gear oil next and more original zerk fittings. I need to throw this truck together faster than I'd had hoped for, I need to get some pictures of good friends in it, before time takes them. Pat

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    That normal. When I filled my U-joint it just started to go to the tranny at the same time it came out the speedometer drive hole. Once it's filled, then I just give it a few pumps each time I grease the car.


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      Tom, are you using that red sticky grease, or regular bearing grease?


      • pAAt
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        Ed, mystic grease is all he uses, I believe. I used regular because I'm cheap and have none yet ! Pat

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      What gets more interesting is the interaction of the grease and 600W that was specified for those areas. If I understand it correct, the grease used was a soap grease base. This grease would just fill the voids and the turning u-joint would make a cavity. The 600W (not 680) would trickle through and stay in the cavity. That oil is very sticky and does not squish out of the U-joint bushings (it is heavy pressure steam cylinder oil).
      Here is a source of the original type greases and you can call the guy and learn more:


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        Originally posted by Ed Saniewski View Post
        Tom, are you using that red sticky grease, or regular bearing grease?
        Yes, as Pat said, I use the red Mystik JT-6 High Temp for everything.
        I like how sticky it is, and when the color is no longer a nice red, I know it's time to clean and repack.


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