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Seat upholstery installation

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  • Seat upholstery installation

    Fred, the previous owner of my 28 AA truck, bought new seat springs and upholstery for it. I'm ready to try my hand in the recovering process, any tips or links would be helpful. Thank you, Pat
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    Ck out the how to videos on this page

    a good hog ring pliers is a must if your using them

    i bought an air stapler from lowes, it does tiny brads and staples

    i hope some of this info is useful
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    • Mitch
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      Amazon has this hog ring pliers set. Having both straight and angled is nice

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    X 2 on the tools! air stapler for sure. the hog ring pliers LBB sends are small and very hard on your hand


    • Mitch
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      hard is being very kind.. i threw mine down the street, why even give u anything at that point

    • tbirdtbird
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      LOL I was exhibiting great self control when I worded that.....LOL LOL

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    It's fun to go & sit in an upholstery shop & just WATCH, you can LURN a lots of TRICKS!!!
    Bill W.


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      I would give Elizabeth a call. I need to find out her phone number now that she sold the business to her former employee.

      I found nice heavy duty hog ring pliers at swap meets and secondhand stores. Farm stores such as Fleet Farm should also sell them.


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        At garage sales, be sure to ask about PARTS/TOOLS/BUCKET OF BOLTS/ETC! DON'T just ask for OLD stuff, the Guy might sell you his WIFE---LOL


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          If the material is vinyl, we've had good luck when the material is warm but not too hot. This allows enough stretch to keep it taught during cold temp's. Also, if you have access to cotton or breathable batting, that may be preferred to synth. foam which can deteriorate over time. Some folks like to have a muslin isolation layer between the covering material and foam batting. If you don't have instructions, center the material over the seat (s) and work from the center out ward to avoid puckers.


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            PUCKERS are only for KISSIN'---------
            Bill Lover


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              Anyway, here is a picture of my original 1928 front seat back upholstery!
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