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12 volt system coil follow up to thread 11-7-17

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  • 12 volt system coil follow up to thread 11-7-17

    We have a Standard 12 volt internal resistor UC15T coil for another project. It reads 4.6 ohms across the terminals with 2.6 amps to the points. If an alternator puts out approx. 14 volts , the current to the points is approx 3 amps.
    Just want to follow up that this is OK (with stock or modern V8 style points) if we use on a Model A ?
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    That should be fine, and the amps while the engine is running will be much less.


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      Would not go, after a couple of hours we found 2 things wrong.

      Firstly the magnet drum had to be pushed right home to work and we could not get a 3 ohm coil to run.

      Got it running on a 1.2 ohm coil.

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